Bye Bye RCivCom?

I have just got off the phone this minute with our WExO.

Apparently Registered CivCom is no longer a thing from what he’s been told by HQAC…

Did I miss an email at some point?

Erm… what now?

News to me.

Well ACP 20 hasn’t changed, and there’s not been an IBN. So nothing has changed…

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I’d heard the same, I thought there was a big conversation on here about it, and how it is the start of scaling back civcoms.

Or maybe it was an actual conversation I had on squadron.

Or perhaps I just dreamt it being discussed.

We had a RCovComm stopped from attending camp in a CI capacity for the very same reason.

So we’re struggling for staff and the answer is to get rid of people who want to help?


It was always an iffy situation. A CivCom could be staff, but staff could not be CivCom… Weird.
If people want to get involved in the active delivery then fantastic! …Make them a CFAV.


I had a CFAV go the other way, they had limited time to commit went to the committee because they could stay involved, if this is now not the case it’s going to cause me serious issues with a qualified member of staff.


I was told that this was going just before covid kicked off as it was a conflict of interest.

Apparently they hadn’t thought through the implications properly and had u-turned after the issues on the charity fund management side had been pointed out.

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We had some go Reg so that they could run fundraising events with cadets but without having to have CFAV present. An absolute blessing that spreads the load.

Of course, this would be less of an issue if they bothered to go through with the barred list checks when they rolled out electronic DBS.

If this is the first change made, it feels very “cart before the horse”.


That is frustrating.

But ‘wanting to still be involved’ and having ‘limited time available’ is surely the whole point of being a CI.

The CivCom (whether registered or not) is a completely different role.


He didn’t have the time to attend parade nights, but had the time to be the treasurer as it’s mostly done away from the unit.

However as the only MTB instructor in the Wing he still wanted to be involved with the occasional AT activity.


Ah, I see.

I was told by a Wing Staff Officer that they were a thing of the past. However, I was led to believe that it was no new ones but existing ones could continue.

I was always under the impression it was a titled which allowed the CWC members to drive a SOV to a location when there was no CFAV available or simply no D1 CFAV available to do so…permitted a CWC member to be “hands on” with Cadets without expecting them to do much more than background assistance…

of course as this wasn’t well defined what some RCWC did was vastly different to others and more than some CIs so it became a flaky position

This is accurate.

An IBN will be going out soon but TL;DR…

RCivCom is no longer something you can be appointed to, but current RCivCom can remain in role.

As pointed out above, it was around the conflict of interest as ultimately you have CIs with voting rights on the committee, and this didn’t work from a legal/governance perspective. With the introduction of DBS generally, the feeling is the split wasn’t required anymore.

So does this mean all CivCom will be able to support e.g. fundraising events?

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Lol, literally what I was just thinking. RCivCom no longer needed as all CWC members are effectively what RCivCom used to be! :sweat_smile:

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Not quite true.

As RCivCom also has to do BPSS, mandatory training and AVIP.

This enabled them to run events.

Civ coms with a dbs are just that. Civ coms with a dbs. They can be trusted to be left alone with kids for 5 min. But not to run events.

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Something else that “couldn’t be forseen” although I’m pretty sure if you check this forum we all said that at the time.