Buying band equipment


We are looking to start a band and want to get some instruments; Side drums, bells, cymbals and a base drum. A local CO said yesterday that his side dums cost £1000, are they really that much? Anybody got any advice on something cheaper.


Musical instrumsnts are not cheap at all. £1k is probably about the right price for a side


It very much depends on what you’re after. If you’re on a budget, gear4music do side drums and bass drums for about £150 a piece, they’re no amazing but definitely useable.

If you really feel the need to splash out then I recommend Premier drums at £530 a piece. Pearl are also good.

Good luck with the new venture.


Cost of instruments aside, storage and transportation are the bigger long term problems to be faced.
I was part of a multi squadron band as a cadet and when the squadron where the band was centred lost the old Transit they used for transporting the instruments, the band dwindled.


Hi TS,

You want to avoid the cheap and nasty drums as they’re far harder to play, and less likely to get a band going.

Can definitely recommend Paul Brown at Marching Drums (UK) - their drums are used by the National Marching Band, at least two regional bands, and at least 10 squadrons/wings that I know of.

Happy to send you some information/price lists/advice via bader if you want to PM me?