Buy RAF Neatishead for only £2.5m on eBay

Seriously, RAF Neat for just £2.5m?? Can’t we get someone from Dragon’s Den just to buy it with their loose change, and then gift it to the ACO??? Would almost be as good as RAF Machrihanish…


If I had £2.5m I’d buy it and live there.
Lots of fun to be had!


full details of sale

one hell of a sqn hq/wing training area/hq!

Fancy going halves mate? Or get Blu3zirux in on it and move into a wing of the mess each. The MT hangar would make a hell of a disco, and I’d finally be able to have that 70’s theme bar in my living room…

In fact, I think that a £2.5m shared-with-the-mates ex RAF station would be the ideal love nest for you and your future wife…she’d love it! :stuck_out_tongue: