Business cards?


Are there any “official” business cards for staff within the ACO?

This might be a strange question, but I’m sure I’ve heard/ seen them before and for the life of me I can’t remember when, obviously I can’t find anything on sharepoint, probably because I was using sharepoint!

Thanks all.


Yes there are. I believe you can order them from Serco at Cranwell


Details are here - on the RAF Air Cadets website, naturally!!

From experience I would be VERY specific with what you want detailed on them, otherwise you’ll get 500 useless cards & compliment slips.


Thanks gents, much appreciated.


Hi guys, the link posted no longer works. Does anyone have access to up to date details or is it a case of emailing Cranwell Graphics and seeing what they say?

I’m more interested in compliment slips than business cards but assume it’s the same process?


We have to apply through our Wing now, but I’m not sure if this is UK wide. Send an email to Wing staff is what we did


Makes sense, cheers.


you can order them from graphics at Cranwell or, do as I did, and have my own made in better quality


Specify how many you want, I ordered some, received hundreds for adj.xxxx then ended up changing jobs and moving squadron having given out like 5.

As an aside, the compliment slips are the very best way to send insults:

" You are an Ignoramus.

With Compliments,

Ft Off Baldrick"


Is there a form to order them? I can’t find anything on Sharepoint anymore.


Email graphics and they send you a template to complete and send back.