The only film I watched yesterday and, for its faults, was pretty uplifting.

On what was a pretty dismal day compared to normal years, I guess a story about friendship, loss, and triumph over depression was just what I needed to be left with some positive vibes.

That and a decent splashing of robot on robot violence!

The Bay films always felt pretty empty - a vague non-plot just to have an excuse for the fight scenes, but Travis Knight got a far better feel to this one, I think.

I like the bit at the start on Cybertron. Other than that I’ll take it or leave it.

It was a very pleasant surprise after the drudgery of the Bay films. Which just got steadily worse and worse. O didn’t watch another one after the one where Optimus was riding a dinosaur robot, because, reasons.

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Might give it ago, haven’t bought my self to it due to Michael Bay ruining transformers for me

I completely forgot about those. Michael Bay is definitely just living out his childhood fantasies through movies.

The Screen Junkies summed it up quite well!


And the worst thing is, that was one of the better ones!

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