Bullying in the corps

Do we really think the ACO is anti bullying I have just gone on leave. Because of being bullied for doing things by the book but it has been disregarded anyone else have a similar story

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I’m currently out of the loop, but I think most organisations are only anti bullying in name only, rather than in practice. There are very subtle ways of bullying people that are hard to detect and police which can be used whilst maintaining an outwardly virtuous appearance. A cup which is clean on the outside but dirty on the inside as the saying goes …


Honestly I’d say no they aren’t. I recently transferred units (though haven’t attended the new one due to half term) because of bullying after calling the paid staff in the unit out for gross dishonesty in order to increase our grant, and then bumping it up the chain when nothing was done. HQAC couldn’t care less about the bullying element.


That’s what I have come to think I don’t Clam to be the best at what I do but did my best. I had to call it enough when my mental health was taking a dip again over it


An organisation can’t be anything. It can tell the people within said organisation not to bully people, but to a lot of people it’s a very subjective term.

One person’s bullying is another person’s banter is another person’s robust chat.


Indeed, if it starts to affect you personally and is detremental. it’s time to walk. If it’s not work why worry?

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And I’ll just say, be careful of using your service number. While we can’t identify you, the HQAC people who do read this forum can.

Good point @GrandMaster_Flush when I was a Cadet NCO I used to copy the mannerisms of Guards DIs and other people that I found on YouTube. This worked very well as a method of winning drill competitions and having a high standard of drill on the Squadron in general, but it’s quite possible that my style of vocal and high volume drill instruction could have been taken as bullying by some people. I maintain however that this is a much better method than the “passive aggressive whining method” that a lot of Cadet NCOs employed when I was a young Cadet.

He/she does state that they have called it enough.

They’ve said gone on leave, not resigned completely.

Just a persec thing

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Highly subjective. These are kids, not guardsmen or new recruits into the RAF Reg. Ignoring that they’re people, that they’re just there for a bit of fun, that they might still be stinging from being chewed out during double maths earlier… Is just bad management.


I read the second comment as definitive about leaving.

@GrandMaster_Flush yes, that is a good point although I think 18 year old me from over a decade ago might not have said so. I didn’t really care about anything other than having a winning Squadron back then, partially because I grew up (as a Cadet) with a very drill orientated CO who was ex RAF Reg.

Send me a message with what you want it to be and I’ll change it.

Which is why it’s the job of adult staff to tell similar kids to wind their neck in.

Problem is there are staff that don’t see them as in the eyes of the law “ kids “ and us as youth leaders hell on one hand I can list stuff I’ve seen that shouldn’t happen. I’ve even been hit over the head with part of a LSW. Because I called the part the wrong name. And that was by a SQN LDR if he did that to me would he do it to a cadet

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I would of taken that all the way to the gods and not stopped until something was done about it


It’s everyone’s responsibility to call it out when it happens. Yes, there are people stuck in their ways, but unless they’re challenged they’ll never stop.

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@GrandMaster_Flush you may well be right, but that never happened to me. I even emailed a couple of my ex COs a couple of years ago to ask if I had overstepped the line as a Cadet and the answer was no in both cases. Having said that, if I had the proverbial time machine, I would probably change a few things.

Dare I say it I was the bran new shine SNCO and took it as part of the fitting in process as the Sqn ldr in question didn’t like me