Building stuff

We are on a joint cadet building and I have trying to find who should be funding the following;

Rubbish collection
Toilet Rolls
Paper towels
General cleaning supplies
General cleaning equipment


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Rubbish. RAFAC policy is to take home.
The rest is supplied either from WHQ or will be the building custodians issue.

If you share with the army and its their building, they need to supply.

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I found out at some point the ACF get a cleaning supply budget, or at least our local one does. They provided all the stuff during covid, so I make a point of not leaving stuff out for them to use as it comes from our unit funds otherwise and they try and clean cam cream off with toilet roll.

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Joint cadet centre administered by RFCA, it should be funded from the RFCA & administered by the CAA.

However you may have to buy additional to keep things running.

Rubbish collection is a tricky one as it comes down to building age etc.

In short a new build is probably obliged to arrange for a waste bin with the contract administer by RFCA with the CAA.

However older shared drill halls often don’t have the requirement & everyone has to take the rubbish home (or is pose of it at the local pub!)

Do you have a reference - you need a waste disposal licence to take “business” rubbish away from a premises such as cadets. But it may be worth asking you council - my cadet squadron was given a full set of bins which were emptied by the general council collection

The organisation holds one


Our Unit is just us (ATC) and is a very old building. Our CivCom has to pay for commercial waste disposal - we aren’t covered by the local council. We purchase all our own cleaning materials, loo roll etc.

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As said above the org holds a waste license to allow transfer of waste.

A copy can be found in the environmental section of ACP5.


My old unit does the same.

We have a bin, but the council took it away when I asked for recycling containers as they said we don’t pay council tax so weren’t eligible for any refuse collection, let along recycling.

We have a bin and recycling bins. Never had any issues when we actually remember to put them out?

We are fortunate that both our general waste and recycling are collected by the council as part of their normal domestic routes.