Bug Report

When looking at the message that someone has replied to, that users avatar has the avatar badge of the person replying and not their own.

Very minor bug report but now that I’ve noticed it I can’t un-see it :sweat_smile: Two examples below:

That looks right.

Daws posted the picture, Baldrick asked where it was. Next to the picture is Daws’ avatar, next to the question is Baldrick’s…

The avatar badge, not the avatar. Look at where your avatar is where Teflon has replied to you. Picture is correct, badge is not.

I noticed it as where Baldrick had replied to Daws it gave Daws the moderator badge and I didn’t see anyone say congrats yet. That being because he isn’t a moderator, but shows that badge in the reply box.

Ohhhh I see. How on Earth did you spot that?

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Not really sure! As said above I noticed it on the daws post and didn’t think it was a bug at first but just thought he had become a moderator!

I know it’s not a big issue at all but thought I’d mention it as now it’s annoying me :joy:

@DJRice one for you I think…