Btech aviation studies


Hey all,

I’ve recently achieved master cadet. However I’ve already asked my Sqn staff (we only have 2) if I can get a B-Tech in Aviation studies. Neither of them seem to know how this is done (I come from a Sqn where no one has ever got one or bothered to ask after completing master) , and to be honest I don’t think they have followed anything up, as this was a month ago now.

Can anyone provide me any information (by comment or pm) of what needs to be done to get this after completing master?



By completing MAC you are entitled to it. Your wing BTEC officer claims for them periodically.


Speak to/email your Wing Training/Btec Officer. They should be able to advise.


Ours wing training officer didn’t (too much effort for her) tell your staff to check share point and there is a form to fill in and send to cranwell