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[quote]ATC Classification Examinations and how to GET YOUR ATC Exam Certificates & BTEC Aviation Studies.
As mentioned in another post I have managed to track down all the required steps and will list it all off as I understand them…
The new ACO syllabus requires you to sit exams via Ultilearn and complete a First Class training booklet. Leading requires a set 3 subjects; Senior an option on 3 others and Master on another 3. So it can be seen that master cadets will have completed 9 ATC subjects, of which 6 are options. Instructor cadets complete BASIC, then CMOI then the practical lesson requirements.
The BTEC in Aviation Studies (once its confirmed, ratified and approved) requires the accumulation of completed units Units 1-6 plus 4 additional units - Confusingly, the training subjects listed on Bader and on Ultilearn are in some cases listed under differing titles!;
Units 1-5 via the new First Class book - no book no BTEC!
Unit 6 is leading cadets - Airmanship Knowledge / Navigation on Land using Map & Compass / Principles of Flight.
These subjects are FULL UNITS
Unit 7 - Aircraft Handling and Flying Techniques
Unit 9 - [Basic] Air Navigation
Unit 8 - [Advanced] Radio & Radar
Unit 11 - Air Power
Unit 13 - [Basic] Principles of Pilot Navigation
These subjects are HALF UNITS
Unit 8 - BOTH Piston Engine Propulsion AND Jet Engine Propulsion
Unit 14 - BOTH Dev & Principles of Rocketry [Rocket Propulsion] AND Satellite Data Comms
These subjects are THIRD UNITS
Unit 12 - REQUIRES [Principles of] Airframes AND Military Aircraft Systems AND Avionic and Electrical Systems.
So be warned it is perfectly possible to complete Master cadet and not have enough credits to gain the BTEC! Also note that the ACO exam is assessed by the presentation of question couplets (two) each time and you are required to get at least one correct. This is where the mysterious 50% comes in. Fail a couplet and you fail the exam and it is possible to get over 90% of the exam correct and fail! If you don’t pass then Ultilearn resets after a week and you retry.
Once you have completed the exam it should be automatically be listed on you Bader account. So you need a staff member to check your account.
Bader>SMS>Cadets>[choose cadet]>classification
Also it is prudent to check Ultilearn;
Bader>Ultilearn>Assessment; create report>Assessment course selection; select Leading Cadet Exams & Senior/Master Cadet exams>People selection; select cadets>Assessment; option selections (I uncheck all the boxes to only get those who have passed)>Run report NB if I do this from an iPhone I can access the percentage scores, from a PC you get pass/fail only.
Once the exams are confirmed update the Bader classification record.
Bader>Sharepoint>ACO document library>ACO controlled documents site> TG Form 011 ‘How to order cadet certificates’, complete and email to the address contained in the form.
Job done!
Please ask the staff nicely to do this, as you can see it is laborious.
KJC oc358 Welling[/quote]

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Old info. Doesn’t apply with the new Btec in terms if partial subjects.