BTEC public services

I am the new officer for this area and still getting my head around it. A couple of adults have suggested they wish to do it for an admin fee. I think this is possible. How can this be done when a lot of the evidence required is things like D of E and junior SNCO course etc?

It was a possibility at one time. I would suggest talking to your Wing BTEC Officer or even CVQO

OK thanks. It supposed to be ending soon any way and being replaced by a different BTEC accessible to other youth organisations like Scouts and Guides. I don’t have a strong view on it as such, but I thought public services sounded pretty good and appropriate for cadets.

Interesting comment there Yorkshire Lass. I’ve just stood down as Wing BTEC Officer, I hadn’t heard that BTEC in PS was being replaced; shame as it is/was a good way of cadets learning, not only about joining the services, but learning about the whole job application process.

Yes I had to meet a lady from CVQO and she said it will soon be a different BTEC open to other uniformed youth organisations, but much of the content will be the same. I’d rather they left it alone as I am just starting.

If it isn’t going to be free or nationally funded I can’t see us bothering with it up here.

Nationally funded just the same!

[quote=“YorkshireLass” post=16219]Nationally funded just the same![/quote]In which case I believe that funding stops at the Scottish border.

I wouldn’t know :slight_smile: I do know the cadets cannot have 2 (the music one aswell) funded in most cases.