BTEC in Aviation

I suspect I may be opening a hornets nest, but what’s the latest please on the BTEC in Aviation?

My squadron are still ploughing on as if there is a BTEC on the horizon and I’m a little worried that there will be no qualification for my child at the end of it. I have raised the issue with our squadron and was told
“It’s only a brief gap and should not affect many cadets for long… The Corps will have a solution to back date completed training to cover the gap. We had a similar gap before when we transitioned between suppliers and we just held all the data and submitted paperwork in due course.”

I don’t want to make a fuss and ask again, so thought I see what people thought on here. Our cadet is 15 and so have a bit of time before A-levels/Uni calls, but I’m keep for them to get as much out of this wonderful opportunity as possible.

Thanks all

This thread might help answer the question:

Essentially the BTEC is dead and buried. There will be a new one, but I don’t think it will be this academic year, or the next one if the roll out of the space BTEC is anything to judge by.

The new one will have its own assessments and I doubt they’ll accept modules crossing over from the old one because they had real problems with the way that was run, hence why the awards body pulled the plug.

That being said, there’s no harm in him still doing the tests and completing his Master cadet training.

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My way of operating would be - Id make asumption on nothings confirmed so no award will be awarded, but take the exams just in case, they need to be done anyways.

My experience or Air Cadets is organised chaos! Late notice given for camps and cancellations of camps, the BTEC being cancelled and the flying age changing - both at very short notice and the latter with no notification even. Dropping the child at places on time yet no staff there so lots of hanging around… but he loves it so what do you do?!


Lots of these issues stem from HQAC, but regarding the last point it might be worth contacting your cadets squadron and notifying them of the issue. If you have experienced this, I’m sure other perants/carers have too. Just remember whilst you do that we are all volunteers (on squadrons at least). The organisation isn’t perfect but if we are to develop we need to be the change, and communicating areas that need the improvement is a vital part of that


So, the work the cadet is doing will go towards their Master, but currently NOT a BTEC?

I have actually pointed the squadron to the previous thread on here about it & the above is their response, so just checking I’ve understood your comments.


Yep, the BTEC was a side effect of the master air cadet


Their work will be recognised, but internally only.

This hasn’t been our experience at all, but appreciate that each squadron is different. The staff (volunteers) are dedicated & put on great activities for the cadets. The only challenge we’ve had is understanding the learning /qualifications available.

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Maybe someone could put together a list for the drive of all the external qualifications available? (honestly not sure how to). To start off here’s the ones from the top of my head:

BTEC Level 2 in Aviation Studies - for completing MAC, phased out
BTEC Level 2 in Aerospace Studies - a replacement for the Aviation Studies BTEC, currently not been introduced
BTEC Level 2 in Teamworking and Personal Development in the Community - the CVQO flagship BTEC
ILM Level 2 for Young Leaders - a CVQO led in person leadership course
ILM Level 2 in Effective Teamworking Skills - an ILM course that may be taught by CFAV through CVQO
ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management - an ILM course that may be taught by CFAV through CVQO
Entry Level Award in Health and Safety - a basic health and safety course for cadets
Level 2 in Space Studies - for completing the silver space badge, currently not introduced
Civilian amateur radio licence - achievable through a module of silver radio
DofE awards
SJA qualifications (EFA, YFA, AFA)


there are a load of AT qualifications too that are achievable through the RAFAC in trekking/camping, climbing and watersports i sure are open to Cadets (O18s) and CFAV alike


All AT Quals are open to Staff Cadets and some such as LLA and CWI you can do the training course when you are 17.

We’ve got the Wiki threads, think you can just create new threads or exit an existing one?


I was going to include them but there’s so many… There’s an ACATI dedicated to that right? Might have a look when I get to a computer

Are these SJA qualifications backed by any accreditation or are they an in house award using SJA materials?

Im pretty sure theyre delivered on behalf of SJA and accredited by SJA. I know of people who use them at their work places to be qualified as first aiders, although these days we don’t issue SJA certificates (I believe? My latest AFA was a RAFAC certificate) so something may have changed

I’ve started collating a list in the Wiki, everyone should be able to edit the post to help add info.

It is still a RAFAC Certificate. It says:

This is to certify that has successfully completed a St John Ambulance Activity First Aid Course at . The course was delivered by the RAF Air Cadets in association with St John Ambulance. It then gives a certificate number with 3 years validity.

It also details what has been covered on the course.

It has the SJA Badge on it but doesn’t have any Level1, 2 etc associated with it.

They’re not Ofqual regulated and aren’t leveled in that way. Pretty sure no SJA courses are (there’s every possibility that I’m wong with that blanket statement though, that’s just as far as I’m aware)

Yes I renewed my AFA in October 2022 and got a RAFAC certificate, but the last renewal I had was in 2019 and I got a SJA certificate, so I’m not sure if we’ve removed accreditation in that time or just don’t want to spend money on certificates. All the YFA and EFA courses I’ve ran since COVID have been given RAFAC certificates