Brown CWO No 1 Badges?

I’ve got a No 1 jacket from stores for Remembrance Day and fortunately it already has the right badges on, but they have a brown wreath around the crown instead of white, just wondering what this means, if anything? And if I need to change it. Picture attached.

AP1358C states “light blue crown with laurel wreath”

It’s not one of the official issue badges, most likely bought from Cadet Direct or similar. The badge has been created to the army specification for the Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) badge with brown thread on the laurel branch but on the regulation RAF dark blue backing. Probably a cost saving measure, reusing the same pattern for production.

Issue RAFAC CWO badge should be light blue thread only for crown and laurel. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it though, doubt many would pick up on it.



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Note that unless you are a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet you should not be wearing No 1 uniform.

Where does it say that?

See AP1358C Uniform Regulations, Para 0201, for regulations regarding the wearing of No1 dress by cadets (and Para 0202 for regulations regarding Peaked Caps which are only to be worn by those cadets authorised to wear No1 uniform ).

There is no authority for the wearing of No1 uniform by cadets of any rank at local Parades of any type (including Remembrance Sunday).

I know that’s the regs, but I’m the only cadet in uniform for our school remembrance, and the old school boys who are in the armed forces and our officers will all be attending in No 1s so that’s why I’m going to be in No 1.

Unfortunately that is no excuse and you should not wear No 1 uniform at your School Remembrance.

Stuff the rules, they don’t take the real world into account.


As OC I would say it was done under section 5…
nice and simple and also ensuring the Cadet was appropriately fitted out, not wearing something
akin to a bag of spuds tied in the middle.

if pushed by some pace stick wannabe I would tell you to do one


Either adhere to the regulations or break them. Remember, the decision to do the right thing should not be taken based on whether you will be caught if you don’t!

I think your guys really aren’t making the effort - I have seen fantastically smart No2SD being work by cadets (and sometime by staff :wink: )

Remember, that No1s are a jacket-and–trousers set and those are a matching suit cut from the same material.
A No1 jacket with No2 trousers can be obvious and can look gash. You would also need to ensure that the jacket is the current. belted pattern of OR No1s. and that you have a No1SD hat that doesn’t look like it has been sat on.

You been looking at my No1’s hat again?


I’ve got No1 trousers as well, I just only said jacket because that’s what I was asking about.
And while I agree No2 can look very smart, this is more about uniformity than smartness.

I take it they are either serving, have served and as you mentioned, Officers.

You are not and should not wear No1 uniform unless you fall into the category mentioned in AP1358C

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Even though no1s is not allowed. The following happens. At the graduation dinner for both QAIC AND JI cadets must wear no1 uniform. Also cadeta who are nominated for an award with CVQO and visit the house of lords are to wear no1s.
While AP1358C stipulates when tunics are to be worm, there are many senior officers who ignore the rules.

There is scope to get approval from the regional commandant for No1s to be worn where it is particularly appropriate, so you will see exceptions to the published instances where No1s are routinely approved/provided.

JL are a law unto themselves and won’t be told (on this and on other matters). QAIC seems to want to be JL!

The problem we have is stupid rules for stupid reasons instigated by stupid people.
In the days of yore, I wore N°1s as a CWO and SD hat when I was a Sgt, no one either bothered or minded. Which begs the question why this cadets can’t wear N°1s, became a thing.
It doesn’t hurt anyone. Does it? Well excluding someone who makes the rules.


RCs should have more important things to be worried about in the current ATC than if a cadet can wear N°1s.


I have seem many, many pictures of cadets in No1s who are an utter shambles, who have worn 1s because there was some perception that they are magic clothes that always look smart or which are particularly special. Some old, mis-matched set of obsolete, ill-fitting 1s found in the back of the store, often worn with a beret, then worn in public for all to see is not projecting the best image of the air cadets or the RAF. It is right that it has become restricted.

In contract, properly-authorised No1s (LLCs and other special occasions) allow for a set of part-worn, current pattern No1SD to be obtained from service sources, tailored to fit correctly, then worn. The end effect is outstandingly smart and the effort is warranted for these prestigious occasions.

The current rule is, broadly speaking, the right one. It could stand some minor tweaking but it is the right position. Good condition, properly-fitting No2SD can look every bit as smart and is far easier to obtain and replace. All of our cadets (except out LLC, who will be on LLC duties) will be in 2SD this Sunday and will all look excellent.