Brown boots polish

So I probably should know this but…

I’ve got pair of brown boots for wearing with MTP that I really probably should polish a little but what is the polish to use? I’ve got Dubbin at the back of my mind but I’m not sure where? I’ve also heard stories about some stuff turning boots purple so obviously keen to avoid that! I’m also under the impression that brown boots don’t need to be particularly shiny?

They are a bit on the small side so whatever I pick will only be a short term solution until I get some new boots, I will just need to use these ones in the interim.

I’ve tried general Google search and checking the dress regs but couldn’t find anything concrete.
Thanks in advance!

What are they made of? I use Leder-Gris for my Altbergs


Yup, just Google ‘altberg Leder gris’. Just get the normal brown one, not the shiny polish one.

Kiwi polish does have the unfortunate side effect of turning them purple.

Black parade gloss. You wouldn’t think it works on brown boots. But it does

Steer well clear of kiwi dark tan, mid tan works fine on MOD brown but as above, dark tan will turn your boots purple.

Mid tan is quite hard to get hold of though.

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I’m not sure, I was just given them by the QM as they were in our Cadet stores. There is no makers name or details. It is the same material all over. Not very helpful I know!

Leder gris is wax based not petroleum based like Kiwi so it allegedly keeps the leather from drying out. They won’t shine with it but it does make them pretty waterproof. I think they’re great and wouldn’t go back to Kiwi for boots.

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Thanks everyone, I’ll remove the Dubbin from my basket then and have a look at those suggested. I’m doing a mountain warehouse shop as they’ve got a sale on and saw the Dubbin which reminded me I probably should do something with my boots!

Dubbin also has a reputation for rotting the stitching of boots…

Probably best if you can post a picture of the boots - if we know what materials they are made from, we can best advise on what to use.

Wow. They look like the old school DMS pattern in slightly brown leather.

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Whatever they are, they aren’t to my personal preference regardless of fit. I much preferred my black boots but they finally split and my other pair of black boots also don’t fit (yes I see a theme). I got these about 6 yrs ago but I haven’t had a huge amount of need of them until the last couple of years and that has been sporadic hence only now thinking I probably should look after them!

All the way great for all leather boots, comes in black brown and neutral.

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Just looked online on Altbergs site - £7.40 delivery! I don’t think I’ll be buying the polish direct!

If those boots of yours are old style DMS then get ready to watch the sole disintegrate in front of your eyes. They have a 5-8 year shelf life and by the looks of those style of boots, I would imagine that time is coming up soon.

Are my eyes deceiving me or are the soles black on those boots?

Leder gris is really expensive but it lasts forever, you don’t polish just protect so can use much less. Plus the tins are much bigger than a standard kiwi tin. I doubt you will find it much cheaper elsewhere.

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I’ve had my tins about 7 years now at least and they’re still going strong!

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Fantastic, I’ll keep an eye out for that then! Glad I didn’t personally buy them.

Nope, they are brown, just dodgy lighting!

I was more shocked at the delivery price rather than the tins themselves but obviously that is probably priced predominantly for boots.

When brown boots became a thing, cheapo manufacturers that still had the pattern from their imitation MOD boots dusted them off and produced them in brown, so they shouldn’t be as old as some of the last-run black boots that were doing the rounds.

I’m Leder Gris all the way for brown.

Available in 2 sizes. I keep at least one of each - small for field kit, big for general use.

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Mix brown enamel paint in with the black kiwi polish. Make sure its mixed well and you get a nice mid-tan colour which not only looks good, but creates a very nice shine due to the enamel content.

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