Brown Boots - Polish

Morning troops,

Having joined the “Ally McWalt Club” and recently got hold of some nice new brown boots, I’m trying to make them last and avoid them turning that awful shade of purple.

Can anyone recommend the correct polish I should be using? I’d assume just a light tan or neutral?


Kiwi ‘Mid Tan’

it’s hard to find, but that’s the one.



I think it depends on the boot. I use leder-gris (I think that’s the spelling). It’s not so much of a polish but more of a wax.

Which boots do you have?
If you have Gore-Tex lined boots (Haix, Karrimor SF) then don’t use Leader Gris as, as pEp says, it is more a wax than a polish. Apparently it can block the pores in the leather, and stop the boot breathing.
I have Haix boots and use Military Brown from the Boot Repair Company. £2.50 a tin on Fleabay. Seems fine so far. If not, Kiwi Mid Tan is what they recommend at Cranwell.
If you have Alt-Berg boots, then Leder Gris is the way to go!

I have Haix.

Thanks for the help folks, I’ll have a look around

The Leder-Glos is also good, if a little pricey. You don’t need much though

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