Brown Boots (MTP)

So, my good ol’ black boots have finally had it after 11 years of abuse!

Looking at getting some new (brown) boots for MTP etc… Any suggestions on the best ones to get? - For all the usual cadet-type activities and walking etc…

I’ve heard very good things about the lightweight Altberg boots, however they are quite expensive and hard to find in shops.

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I have bates and they are awesome

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I can certainly recommend the Altbergs, if you will get enough use out of them to justify the expense (particularly relevant if your feet are still growing).

Magnums are generally an OK option, although not great for really poor weather.

Alt-bergs are the traditional go-to boots - I find them comfortable, cool, light, robust etc… but they don’t fit everyone. For winter use I really rate the Haix Cold Wet Weather boots.

Fortunately, the move to brown boots means that there are a great many civvy walking boots that will go with MTP, so just find some that fit and crack on.

Alt bergs got me.

You can get them from the Altberg website

Altberg Sneekers. Very comfy, found sizes small mind

I’m in Altbergs

I wear YDS Kestrels, they fall into the patrol category but seem to be quite hard-wearing. Only thing is the sides are mesh based so cant withstand water (only a issue if you’re planning on wading through rivers! which is unlikely :joy:)

If you are loaded, AKU Pilgrims are the gold standard. They are a bit pricey for most normal folks though!

I have the Haix high liability boots. Sturdy though a little stiff. The Altbergs are less so but my feet just don’t get on with them.


Just to stop this Alt-berg love in. I had a pair of Warrior for Nijmegen and couldn’t get on with them. The tong was too thing and the laces cut into my shin. Caused no end if issues. But they are really comfy to wear and i still wear then for on sqn low level stuff like command tasks range work etc.
As an alternative to a Sneeker I have just got a pair of Lowa Recce, Just about the best boot I have ever owned.

Lowa. I have a pair of Combat GTX (black) for when it’s cold and gopping, and a pair of Z-8S GTX (brown) for most of the time.

I’ve had the Combat boot for ~10 years, and it’s getting to the point where it needs a new sole but the uppers are almost like new. The Z-8S is ~3 years old, much lighter and also excellent.

On a plus point for the Altbergs, if you wear the sole out, Altberg will re-sole them… for a charge of course

Think that’s true of any decent boots

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Lowa will do the same and my local cobblers

AKU Pilgrims, by far the best boots going.

sadly, only if your local stick-wielding moron won’t have a very loud, very public cardiac arrest when you wear them to your Wing Green camp.

there is, unfortunately, a difference between ‘what are the best boots i can get (assuming they fit) for X and Y activity?’ and what are the best boots i can get (assuming they fit) for X and Y activity, and that will pass the studied look of some of the throbbers in this organisation who have been promoted far beyond their natural station?’.

i’d happily recommend the AKU’s, they are great boots (Trekkits in Hereford, perhaps unsurprisingly, stock them…), but i’d put very little money on the wearer not being pulled up about them.


You are confusing “good boots” with “good uniform boots” there. Focus!

I’ve been wearing a pair of AKU Pilgrims for the last year and a half to all my cadet events where appropriate (Including the Corps D&C Camp). They’re well used and don’t look as shiny as they used to, however I’ve never been pulled up on them.
I’ve recently swapped to a pair of Altbergs for cutting around and parade nights, but the AKU’s are still my go to boot for anything else.