Bronze wings - national aerospace

Hey all I’m going on the national aerospace course later on on the year does anyone know if passing that achieves my blue or bronze wings

It will depend on what activities you get to do. Two of our cadets did their PTT upto Bronze level so gained their Bronze ‘A’ and Blue ‘G’ wings and need to do one more glider flight for their Bronze ‘G’ wings. Their experience was that whatever flying they had done recently was counted towards these awards. I’m not saying that this will be the case every time, only what their experience was last year.

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Considering it is called an aerospace camp based at the home of RAFAC Gliding. There is surprisingly little flying.
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In all seriousness the cadets drom my unit who have attended have enjoyed the experence. Thee has been a list of activities published for you to choose.

A couple of our cadets attended this camp last year, both had already attained Blue Gliding badges.

There was a mix of Gliding and Microlight flying on the camp, our pair were allocated a micro flight which obviously doesn’t count towards the Bronze Gliding Badge, or the Aviation Blue or Bronze Badge either.

If you’re definitely going on the camp you’ve done well as our wing have only just asked for volunteers. They will pick names out of the hat next month.
Blue and bronze wings were easily gained last year, several hundred were awarded iirc. We even had a cadet who came back with bronze gliding wings who, when questioned, said they had only done one 5 minute glider flight!
Another managed to squeeze their powered exercises 2-4 for bronze into one 20 minute Tutor flight!

So going on the camp could result on getting any wings just depends what activities?

You won’t get wings for just completing the camp, it depends on what you do at RAF Syerston. If you do any flying at nearby RAF Cranwell (7AEF) or PTT, you might qualify for a new set of wings.

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What @cooperdjones said! You dont get wings for completing the camp, only if you get any PTT and flying that qualifies you for the appropriate badge. Our two cadets had already done a fair amount of flying and one had already done glider flights. This was taken into account before awarding the badges.

Just to add as well, whatever activities you get to do, go and enjoy yourself. Make the most of the opportunities offered, the feedback last year was mixed, but those cadets of ours that got to do more activities are eager to go again this year.

So there’s not really a chance of getting any wings for me as my national aerospace course is at HMS Bristol so won’t be doing any flying

I’d double check that. When I was there one of the flights visited HMS Bristol but some of them still achieved wings.

Okay , do you know how many AEFs achieve your bronze wings also

With so many cadets to fly we were quite strict on timings and launches. Each cadet got two launches to complete the flying element of the blue atp and then the ptt and groundschool were completed.

Okay so whatever the activities at it , looks like I’m going to have fun then , cheers