Bronze Musician Badge

Hi, do you have to perform in an RAFAC Band to be awarded the bronze badge or can it just be a school band instead? Thanks!

Bronze Badges

  1. It is not necessary for a cadet to be in a band to qualify for a ‘bronze’ badge – although the assessment route is designed with band members in mind. A cadet may qualify for a ‘bronze’ badge in one of three ways:

a. By passing a recognised music board examination at grade 5 (practical) in one of the instruments listed in the Table at Annex A. (A copy of the examination certificate is to be forwarded to Wg HQ as evidence of achievement).

b. By (having qualified or subsequently qualifying for the appropriate ‘blue’ badge) performing in a representative capacity2 at Wing level.

c. By performing, on a regular basis, in a band or other ensemble graded as “bronze”.

Thanks for your reply. Yeah I did read the notice, but for part c do you think school concert bands will count?

You will need to ask your wing or region band master as it will be down to their interpretation

I’ve always interpreted C to be about Cadet Bands.

Yes, a school band etc can count, and depending on the quality of the band to watch badge colour you’ll get. (It’s worth pointing out at this stage that Gold is exclusively available for attending a National Music Camp).

That will hopefully be eviscerated in the coming whirlwind of progress!

Band camp… jog on.


Fab, cheers.

I would still check with your wing bandmaster, they sign it off and may have a different interpretation/local policy/empire they like to maintain

Not that they should…

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Well we all know that

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Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it…

I would rather have the money redistributed to activities which are:

A. Relevant.
B. Help more than the couple of hundred on a super mega expensive 'super camp’s.

It would probably pay to fix the PTS Badge issue which is funded locally not through RAF Procurement.

So the 90% of non bandy cadets can get the badgea for the rest if the syllabus they earn.

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As big camps go they’re actually relatively cheap. They possibly offer some of the best VFM for large camps.