Bronze Cyber Instructor

Is anyone aware of what qualification(s) are needed to teach Bronze cyber? Is there a particular course? Are cadets able to teach it? etc…

There is a course you have to attend. Unfortunately they didn’t take the route of allowing those who hold certain quals or experience teach it as far as I’m aware.

Cadet can teach it but I believe MOI is a criteria

The course to train new people to deliver it is also meant to be suspended as the syllabus will change (by government order) at some point in the undefined future. You may find some wings still delivering it though.

Another great example of planning. We now hit the wall of finding bronze courses as they have stopped doing them round us but haven’t yet started the new one as it’s not available yet. Most of our year 11s have completed the silver requirements but that means nothing until they can do the bronze.

The existing Bronze syllabus can still be taught by Instructors who have completed the Bronze Instructors course.

Cadets who have completed the Gold Cyber Course at Cosford are also authorised to teach the existing Bronze Cyber so long as they have completed MOI.

The existing Bronze syllabus is due to be replaced at some time in the future.

Our Wing never even came close to delivering the old course so won’t hold my breath on the new course.

To be fair, it sounds like we were a victim of gazumping.

According to CAC, the RAFAC designed and implemented a cyber syllabus, only for the government to roll out their own cyber awards.

We have courses in our Region, I’m not sure where you are and won’t ask you to say so here, but by all mean PM me.

i have heard the same from other channels too.

Cyber is a “big part of society” and Govn wants to be seen to be recognising this. there is going go be a “national Cyber syllabus” which would trump the RAFAC version in that stage 1 and 2 for instance would not necessarily align with Bronze and Silver - so there are no further instructor courses, but those already qualified can continue to teach and those who have the badge (or earn before the change comes in) will be allowed to keep it through grandfather rights

Bronze was planned to be superseded by the CyberFirst courses.
The RAFAC was way ahead of the curve in providing cyber courses, after a ministerial decision all cadet forces are to provide training. There was even thoughts that there could be a cyber cadet force (shot down eventually as an idea).

Unfortunately implementation and providing a Train-the-Instructor course has been difficult.
We can continue to run bronze cyber courses, a 5 hour minimum course we are oftentimes prohibited by access to sufficient internet/device connections per pair of participants.

Whilst no more bronze instructor courses are to be planned whilst details are sorted as to the future of cyber… nothing is preventing cadet courses from going ahead.