Bronze Cyber Instructor requirements

What are the requirements for a staff cadet to become a Bronze Cyber Instructor?

I have completed my silver cyber and have MOI and I understand that you can teach bronze and silver with the gold badge.


ACTO 71 Annex A Para 2: The RAFAC Bronze Course

e. This course can be run by any person that has completed the Silver Level.

So I will need to go on a Train the Trainer course?

No, if you want to run Bronze Courses, you have to have previously passed the Silver Level. That’s all.

So with completing the silver iDea and open learn I can now teach the bronze foundation course, or is it the Silver RAFAC ran course?

There is no RAFAC Silver Cyber course.

If you have your Silver Cyber Badge, you can teach Bronze Cyber.

Thank you for the clarification!

As a fellow Silver holder, will the presentations etc be on Ultilearn? And how would we assess it and issue badges? Also, I’m assuming MOI isn’t needed? I hold MOI but just out of interest

The presentation is currently a Prezi and the link that you can get at
You’ll need to talk to your Wing Radio/Cyber Officer about the rest.

From the ACTO, MoI isn’t needed, although personally I’d suggest at the very least you should have passed the Presentation Skills course.

Their seems to be an error in the current version of ACTO 71 as on one hand it states that the Bronze Cyber Course can be run by anyone who has passed Silver, but later on states:

"4. Transitional Phases.

Until 1 July 2020. The RAFAC Bronze syllabus will continue as it is, with
courses delivered by trained instructors. Cadets taking part in CyberFirst
Adventurer do not need to complete iDEA Bronze in advance.

From 1 July 2020. The new syllabus will be in force and cadets must gain the
Bronze qualification as detailed in parts 1,2 and 3 of this annex. Trained
Cyber Bronze Instructors may continue to teach the old one-part course until
the end of 2020 and iDEA bronze is not required when using this route.
From 1 Jan 2021 parts 1,2 and 3 of this annex will be the only way to gain the
Bronze qualification."

Trained instructors are issued with an Instructor Number which allows them to access the online presentation which is hosted on the Prezzi website. This presentation is not available on Ultilearn or SharePoint so unless you have attended a Bronze Instructor course you will not be able to teach the course. You also need an Instructor Number to apply for the certificates for the cadets.

I therefore believe that the sentence stating that Bronze may be taught by anyone who has passed Silver is incorrect.

The current version of the ACTO is an abomination.

Apparently a new version is somewhere for approval and release in HQ (from home)


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