Bronze Cyber Course info


Indeed but that really opens up the cadets eyes to what you can find out about someone!


A lot of staff have LinkedIn and use an Air Cadet picture for their image.


Just to resurrect a thread, are there any prerequisites for doing Bronze Cyber? (Do they have to have the Blue Comms? Do they have to be a certain Classification? Etc). I know this is in the ACTO but due to the Sharepoint Pause it may be a while before I can look it up myself.


I only have a copy of ACTO71 - which may or may not have been updated in the last 18 months…

Exact phrase is “No previous experience is required”. States “wing level where competent staff are available”.

AFAIK cyber is held separate to comms. I’m involved with radio, but not cyber, so by no means an authority.


14 or older and Leading. They should have covered the Blue cyber awareness video as part of their First Class trg


To expand on WestlandScout’s comment the Blue cyber awareness video is part of the Basic Radio Operator (Blue Radio Badge) course.

At the present time there is no Blue Cyber Badge syllabus or course.

(Note that the Bronze Cyber Course will be changing in the next few months.)



We do the (Blue) Cyber Awareness video as part of initial training.
That way it is done, and gets them thinking about it if nothing else.


I stand helpfully corrected.


All, bronze cyber is undergoing a MAJOR overhaul (after a ministerial statement).

All current Bronze instructors/assessors will lose their instructor status. New Trainers of Trainers will be attending courses in the next month in order to get new assessors on the ground.

Therefore soon the current bronze course will be superseded in the very near future. The good news is that the new course is externally accredited and will be valuable to our cadets!

Cadet courses planned in the meantime can continue. TtT shouldn’t as the time will be wasted.


i will argue that the existing course has been valuable to our Cadets but accept with accreditation the new course will have an added value of being part of a Nationally recognised system and structure


I am eager to see the syllabus of the re-built bronze (and other levels) as early as possible. I believe that “Cyber” is not structured in the best way possible and there is significant scope for improvement. I fear that governmental tinkering is unlikely to improve the situation.


Good news, indeed. Out of interest, would this mean that the training the trainers get, to deliver the course, would be accredited as well, or is that too much to ask?


I’ll let you know when I’m back from the course! :smiley:


I concur. The new bronze will be aligned to the Cyber First qualifications