Bronze Cyber/Bronze iDEA award

If I have completed the Bronze iDEA award with my school and have the certificate, can I go on to do bronze cyber with RAFAC or do I have to redo the bronze iDEA award with RAFAC?

you should be able to share evidence of completion and be award it via the ATC - there is no need to redo it if you have already done it…

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You will also need to do the RAFAC course, but don’t need to redo the IDEA element.

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Depends on the modules taken for the Bronze iDEA award - there may be a few to top up to meet our mandatory module matrix.

As for transferring over, you can add your Wing’s organisation code to your existing account to share the results across - there’s no restriction keeping you to one organisation code.


As I say in this post there are some mandatory modules. Check you have completed all of these and send over your certificate and you will be all good to complete the RAFAC Bronze Cyber course next time it comes up for you.

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