Bronze and Silver Leadership Badges

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I was just wondering what you have to do to receive the Bronze and Silver leadership badges? I understand the blue and gold.

i was under the inpression they were meant to be launched last July however are being trialled by a couple of wings. Bronze is being planned to be run at Wing level and Silver at Region. I remember a few weeks ago seeing a post about silver leadeship badges being awarded so im guessing it is on a roll out at the moment

Syllabus was uploaded to Sharepoint about 3 weeks ago.

Training Officers area.

I ran a bronze course yesterday with my own and another squadron. As @Stewie says the material is on the Training Officer’s Area of SharePoint.

The bronze course needs to be run with at least two squadrons so cadets get the opportunity to work with people that might be less familiar to them. It is ideally run at sector level and the material can be covered as part of a JNCO course.

The silver course is done at wing level, and could be run as part of a SNCO course.

For both courses there is a written test and a practical assessment.

For instructors, I suggest looking at the presentation’s first to make sure you are covering the content correctly - some slides are not as clear as they could be.

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I understand that this was a while ago but worth a shot. For bronze and silver leadership courses, what are the requirments for instructors?

As far as I’m aware there are no requirements, but willing to be proven wrong.

Unwritten rulling seems to be run at wing level…

Yeah our Wing Training Officer has decreed that Bronze can only be run at a Wing level at present but there may be scope for devolution to sectors as we go on (cadets need to work with cadets from other squadrons to gain the award so makes sense it can’t be run on a squadron).

Not had anything hard and fast about silver yet.

I think it is written, I just can’t remember where. I believe that bronze must be run at a scale larger than unit level, although I don’t think wing-level is mandatory for all.

The bronze guide (Annex B to ACTO 85) says it should be run at sector/wing level as they need to be assessed with cadets from outside their unit. (nothing though about how CCF cadets should do it, nothing new there then, we just have to read between the lines)
Really though you should be able to run the lessons on your squadron and just have an assessment with another unit nearby. I guess with a decent Sector officer that would be approved.


Yeah, that’s the badger. I think that our wing policy is to conduct it at wing level only though

I have been told thst silver leadership is ACLC and gold is JL OR QAIC

You have been told fibs.

As per ACTO 85, JL and ACLC earn the successful student a Gold leadership badge.
Silver "should be delivered as a Wing level course. "

Not sure about QAIC - is there a leadership element to the course?


I stand corrected.

So there are two wing level badges bronze and silver.

QAIC , Aren’t all pilots natural and inspirational leaders?

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QAIC isn’t about piloting. I don’t think they actually do any flying on the course at all (though I stand by to be corrected on that).

It’s about air ops in a wider sense.

I think he was extracting the wee-wee…

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I’m aware, and well versed in removing the Michael from the two-winged master race, but was just making the general point in case anyone else searched for QAIC and then got the wrong impression.

I’m under no illusion on the many deficiencies of those who over-compensate with large watches and exaggerated hand moves, being an ex-blunty myself.

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One of the failings of the new badges is that they can’t be done on squadrons on parade nights.
We do leadership things the squadron, although not all in the sense that the ATC seems to like.

I do wonder why we can’t at least do the lessons on unit and then do the assessments with another unit on one parade night. Staff assess cadets from the other unit to avoid bias and Robert is your mother’s brother.

Leadership isn’t the focus of QAIC in the same way as JL. There is an element of it but nowhere near to the same extent. I’d be terribly surprised if they were dishing out gold leadership badges for the course.