We obviously encourage cadets to participate in shooting, & hopefully continue with the sport after they have left.

However, the transition from cadets to adult life often leaves a few big holes in financial circumstances, so it can be quite hard to self-fund provision of shooting kit, etc.

The British Young Shooters’ Association is trying bridge that financial gap & help to bring on the younger blood - they are the future!

If you have a few pennies or ££ to spare, please donate here.

Any onward publicity also appreciated. Many thanks.


So many cadets are lost from the shooting world every year. The more we can do to help the better for both the shooters and the sport as a whole


Many cadets who enjoy shooting continue the sport as they progress through their early teens / university / start of independent life. However, we all know that other essential priorities make demands on meagre finances, so participation in shooting might have to be paused in order to keep the bank manager happy! Often, a short break leads to a longer break…

Just think of all those savings you have made by not being able to go shopping , get your hair cut or nails done, please can you look at helping out those new to the sport.

Donations are good - but anything else might be useful - I’ve managed to persuade someone to donate a rifle to them, & it looks like there are offers of labour / materials for this new project.

Please dig deep in your pockets! If not, please donate what you can. These young people are very much the future of the sport.

It’s probably the best “integrated” approach I’ve seen for donkey’s years to get new shooters onto the bottom of the experience “ladder.” For many, cost of accommodation at Bisley is too expensive (even a tent at the Imperial Meeting can be a large budget item - & no dedicated clubhouse to use). As such, their clubhouse project will be an invaluable “anchor” point for new people. Even a £5 donation would be a boost to their funding - give up a posh coffee for a day!

Full details / progress, how to donate (& get a reward - we all like rewards) etc, can be found here.


Good effort looks fab!

Any £££ appreciated. :wink:


On behalf of all the members of BYSA I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated to our Crowdfunding campaign, or who has shared the campaign on social media or by email.

As of this morning the campaign has raised £6303 which is more than 75% towards our goal, which is absolutely fantastic.

This total includes a £2400 pledge from Sport England, to whom we are also extremely grateful.

BUT … as part of Sport England’s pledge conditions, to qualify for their pledge we must now raise 100% of our target. This means we must raise the remaining £1697 in the 33 days left.

Please keep sharing and thank you all so much for your support so far, it is very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Richard Stebbings
British Young Shooters Association

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