British F-35 fighter crashes in Mediterranean

£100m oops moment…

Glad the pilot is safe!

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The latest tranche are a bit cheaper. Under $100m US

Glad the chap got out ok, that’s the main thing





Is there any danger of foreign nations obtaining the jet or its technology before we recover it?

Someone just wrote the plot to the next Bond film…

Cough… Thunderball…Cough

Been done already.

(yes that was kinda the point i was making)

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What is bad is that Turkey by all accounts is helping Russia find the jet.
NATO membership means nothing to them.

It will be ‘less than optimal’ if the ruskies get it before we do.

Someone’s getting sacked.


for the mistake, or leaking the video to the internet?


Both! Probably more than 1 mistake led to this too…

“Content not found”

Try this. That subreddit is weird but it was linked on /r/britishmilitary

It does look as though he is trying to stop - definitely decelerating. Hard to tell if he is actually braking but I guess so. A valiant attempt…