Bristol Service Accommodation

Anyone got any contacts / know of any service accommodation in/around Bristol (specifically the closer to Clevedon the better)? St Athan probably a bit too far for a daily drive.

Someone has suggested the RNR Flying Fox but I’m waiting on contact details for trying that one (unless someone here can give me a direct contact).

PMd you a useful number, but I’m not sure what accomm there is at Flying Fox tbh, there’s also a couple of TA centres at Keynsham and Whiteladies Road. Otherwise, we are a bit thin on the ground for places to stay around here.

St Athan is way too far, Innsworth would actually be easier.

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Cheers, I shall try and give them a ring.

There’s not much left at St Athan, on the RAF Side and chances of any accom are very slim, most of the camp has been taken over by the welsh Government and knocked down then fenced off.

The other side of the camp is “SF” and support and they don’t care to much for visitors.

There is always an outside chance that Maindy Barracks in Cardiff may be willing to host you.

I’ve never used it but what about the Pilning Cadet Training Centre?