Bray Trophy


I am going on Bray Trophy but have very little info of what it actually is, can anyone provide any knowlage…



It’s unique to your wing. Speak to your squadron staff for more information. But essentially it’s an adventure training competition.


So I am guessing you are from my Wing, otherwise you wouldn’t know about it. Bray Trophy is all about adventure training. You spend the weekend competing against all the other sqns in the wing surrounding different topics. A team must consist of an SNCO, NCO, a few leading cadets (or similar) and a newish cadet. If you are unable to get this team, it doesn’t really matter but you may lose a few marks.

The activities (that you a judged on) is: ATC Knowledge, camp craft, navigation, knots, fitness (bleep test), night navigation, first aid, a few other adventure training activities and overall team effectiveness.

It can be tough for those who are new to the concept of it but is great fun in the end :). Hope this helps.

Kind regards