Brassard problems


Hi everyone does anyone know if you wear brassard with greens/MTPS?



Has somebody split a thread somewhere? Because my comment below has nothing to do with wearing a brassard in greens… It was in response to a question about “wedgwoods”.


Oh, I see what’s happened… The original poster has edited their post to a totally different question… Bad form, I say.


The correct names applicable to cadets are:

No 2 SD - Light blue, long-sleeved shirt; tie; jersey.
No 2A SD - Light blue, long-sleeved shirt; tie; no jersey.

If you are told “wedgwoods” it’s always best to check whether you are expected to wear/bring your jersey.


But always iron your shirt anyway just in case you need to take the jersey off for any reason


Sage advice I ve seen a few cadets fall foul over the years.Not to mention some colleagues in my service days.


I’ve always seen it as if you’re ironing anyway, you may as well do your shirt - and I cannot bear the sight of unpressed clothes in the wardrobe.


Nor can I… So I barely ever look.


Surely when you put unpressed clothes in the wardrobe, the ironing fairy makes them all smart?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No… just the women in the household :wink:


By the time you’ve worn a jumper or jacket the shirt’s ironing will be shot.
My dad who always wear’s jacket or blazer just has always told mum to iron the front, collars and cuffs.
My wife has always done the same. Even going to work by the time I’ve driven there the back of the shirt won’t “nice”.


You can tell the difference. I still want to look as well presented as possible should I remove a jumper or jacket.

And I don’t know about you, but my sleeve creases are still in good shape after removing a jumper and the rest of the damage is little worse than standard travel marks would be.