Brand new T-Flight

Hi everyone, I’ve been put in charge of the new T-Flight (there’s only around 3 of them at the moment), and I’m trying to find some resources to teach them all of the simple stuff.

They joined just over 2 weeks ago, so you can imagine they pretty much don’t know anything about the ATC.

I’ve started with talking about the basics, badges, ranks, classifications and I’ve taught one of them how to bull parade shoes.

Is there anything additional you’d recommend I teach them now? I want to make sure they get the best start and at least memorise the basics early.

It might seem like a copout of an answer, but… Ask your staff for some guidance. Not necessarily help with actually running it as such, but training material and resources.

Usually it’s a case of firing out the necessary junior cadet induction topics first , a lot of which need to be staff led like the H&S briefings etc. Then you’re into first class. Good news is all the hard work lesson planning has been done for you, but you won’t necessarily have access to any of the material on Cadet portal, that’s where they’ll be able to help you out.

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Junior cadet induction book, ATC history, Pt1 drill test, cadet portal overview, RAF history, Pt2 drill test.


When you were new - what did you REALLY enjoy learning about? What did you enjoy doing…? What did you think could have been done better…

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