Brand New "Cadet Force"

I was lining up a poor joke along the lines of “does anyone want to join my new youth group Ground Schoolers - we do everything the Air Cadets do?”, but it actually got me thinking…

If you were to create a brand new youth group/cadet force, what would it be called, what would it look like, what would it do (etc)?

Personally I would struggle to think of anything new that’s not already covered by either the Scouts or the Cadets.


Someone gave it a go last year. No idea why!

I remember another independent one quite a while back, think they wore black like some kind of paramilitary organisation. Run by some disgruntled ex-CFAV I think…

@mprentice1 I’m more going for “ignoring what’s already here, what’s your ideal vision?”. After all, new charities and groups pop up all the time in the same sectors doing similar things - don’t be afraid of a little competition.

And from 30 seconds Googling, the “Commanding Officer” of the only current unit is an ex-member of staff of a RAFAC unit I believe someone who is active on here is a member of staff at :thinking:

Don’t tell them your name Pike!

An interesting LinkedIn profile…


Sorry, back on topic. For me, a variety of youth groups is ideal. The local youth orchestra is as important to its members as the ATC or Scouts.

However, I think there’s a gap for a wildlife and outdoors focussed, environmentally proactive group. Many young people don’t understand or even have an awareness of the amazing nature around them. Perhaps learning about the wild UK, identifying flora and fauna, with the ability to operate outdoors on expedition to really enjoy the natural environment. Taking part in activities like surveys and support for nature reserves.

I suspect the Scouts are the closest? Perhaps there’s another organisation that I should move to?


If a Young Person wanted to do that much wildlife-focussed stuff, having Youth Membership of RSPB and getting involved in their local groups / joining the RSPB Youth Council might be of more interest


Keep on topic please, and try not to just abuse people regardless of their choices.

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That would certainly be good experience. It wouldn’t match the regular community and opportunities of a Sqn or Scout group though, which I think is a huge benefit for young people (and the staff too!).

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I don’t know where you could go with a new Cadet force…
We’ve got the Army Cadets, the Air Cadets, a plethora of different Sea Cadet type organisations… There’s Police Cadets, Fire Cadets, St John’s Ambulance Cadets…
Really, what’s left? I suppose you could set up HM Coastguard Cadets but that’s not a million miles away from some of the other sea-related cadet forces.

What are we left with? Postal Cadets. Waste Recycling Centre Cadets. Electrical DNO Cadets (that might be fun)…

Think broader. Amalgamate the parts that differentiate each, invent something, whatever.

“Welcome cadet Tommy to the PAT - testing cadets”

Yes… double testing as it’s that sort of cadet force.



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You could have the Tautology club. :wink:


The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club.


Jokes aside, I might sign up for space cadets.

Aren’t we already?

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And try and get on Space Experience Flights?

We’ve had the same number of space flights in the last 7 years as gliding slots to be fair…