Brand Graphics

Morning all,

I’m looking to create some resources for the squadron and want to make sure i’m using “brand correct” graphics.

Does anyone know where I can get hold of the correct “RAF Graphic” and similar used on certificates and the like?

Have tried the Defence Brand Portal, but it seems to be a dead end. The resources are there, but they don’t appear to be downloadable. (That or I don’t know how to work it)

Any help appreciated!

I have them, although I can’t remember where I got them from! PM me your email and I can send them over

We can probably put them up on the drive here. I have a file “” containing raster originals.
I’ll try to find the original source - the ATC75 logo was up on a media server on the Internet.

I found an old policy that refered to “The Hangar” on the corporate website, but anything that was there seems to have been removed

We have a style guide

Note though that the logo in it is the original iteration of the current logo, not the final one. The “A” on Air Cadets was pinched from the RAF part but it is now a normal A

I can’t upload what I have as it isn’t an approved type (zip) and contains other unapproved types (ai, cdr, emf). I can upload derived raster images but that isn’t ideal

the graphics are up on sharepoint.

Colour Banner (RAF Air Cadets)
Colour Square (RAF Air Cadets)

Assuming JPG is sufficient.

can always pass the jpg through Inkscape to get a vector :slight_smile:

Or we can provide the original vector…
I’m a huge proponent of the use of vector graphics for professional applications.

I don’t seem to have upload rights to the drive!

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You do now! :smile:

This file contains Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator vector versions of the current RAFAC logos in “block” and “Banner” variants.

1 Like, anyone can sign up and it also includes all of the guidelines on how to use the RAF brand including logos and Heraldic Badges.

I signed up but the files didnt appear to be downloadable.

Perhaps I’m missing something?

I’m seeing the same - nothing downloadable
Is a license required on the site to download them?

It seems to work for me. Did you sign up with an aircadets email address?

I hadn’t, but had my organisation set to Air Training Corps.
I’ve changed my email address but that hasn’t resolved anything, even after logging out and in again.

Didn’t work for me, and I used

This is the same view for me… I’m obviously missing something

Happy to download things for you if you send me a message. Will put some things on ACC Drive as well when I get the chance.

Give it another go, i think the issue has been resolved.