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Does anyone know what I should take to camp? I’m a camp newbie.

I went to Boulmer and it was a great experience. I recommend taking plenty of snacks if the coach journey is long from where you’re currently situated. Because it’s a blues camp make sure you have the equipment to make your uniform as good as possible! This includes but isn’t limited to:

Shoe Polishing kit
Sewing kit
A Travel Iron if you have one
A Padlock for a private cupboard in your room - each room has a lockable cupboard but you must have your own padlock.
Take a pack of mints to freshen you up in the morning
A wash kit to keep by your personal sink
A comfy backpack, there’s normally a coastal walk


A little sum up of my experience about 2 years ago (Bear in mind that I made this a while ago and it’s very cringey)


Wedgewood Shirt
Working Blue Shirt ( try and get a couple!)
Black socks (i used to take 1 for each day + a spare)
Parade shoes
Blues Jumper
Geltex (waterproof jacket)
DPM smock
DPM Shirt
DPM trousers
A couple olive green t shirts
Combat belt
Combat boots
Enough civilian clothing to last the week
Sports kit
Swimming kit
Wash kit
Shoe polishing kit
Sewing kit
A day sack
A water bottle


In terms of skills, make sure to have your drill up to scratch, as there’s an interflight drill competition between the two flight (everything’s very competitive).
Get some fieldcraft knowledge in for the night ex, know the seven s’, hand signals etc.
Get some map knowledge in, and study the map that’s in the video above, as there’s normally a little scavenger hunt type activity at the beginning of the camp.
Make sure you know who to compliment, and officer ranks.
Be ready to learn a lot of new skills!
Be ready to make plenty of friends!

@AlexCorbin And a tie too!

This one for sure, as there’s a sport centre you’ll visit more or less every night

You may visit Edinburgh so make sure you have regular clothes. Not everyday will be spent doing cadet related activities.

Bring some spare change too, you might find some stuff you wanna buy for yourself or family.

If in doubt though, read the JIs, everything is there. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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Thank you very much

Thank you very much this has given me a real insight on what I should expect

No problem, have fun!

Remember to take plenty of pictures and videos and keep your family updated, they’ll be happy to hear from you!

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