Good morning,
I just recived my Greens uniform but I now need to order my boots however what type of boots are correct?

Are you in MPT or DPM?
DPM - black boots only
MTP (the lighter colour camo) Black or MOD Brown
Either must be high leg type (8 holes) and have a distinct heel

If you need more info post back

I am curious. Where does it say that it must have 8 holes for laces, be high leg and have a distinct heel? I mean most boots will be this but that seems very specific conditions that i haven’t ever come across.

The only thing in the dress regs are:

MTP: Boots. Black or Brown combat style boot.
CS95: Boots. Black combat style boot

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They are DPM

Does the material matter? For example can it have a different material on the side of the ancle?

Are you ATC, CCF or ACF? If ATC, our Sqn’s rule is:-
make sure you have a nice grippy sole, and supported ankle. Black or brown will do.


Depends on what you use it for.

Boots with zips at the sides, patches of camouflage material in them etc… will end up being pretty crap for any hard use.

If what you’ll use them for is mooching about a barrack range and doing field craft within 20 metres of your cadet hut they’ll be fine. If you want to wear them on a 48 hour exercise at Sennybridge/Otterburn/Thetford/ wherever they’ll be crap, and you’ll go out and buy another pair as soon as you get home.

Decent boots that will be suitable for anything the ACO does come from established bootmakers like Meindl, Haix, Aku, Alt-berg, Lowas etc…

You would be well advised to chat to your Sqn team - some Sqns, sectors and wings are a bit uptight about what boots people should wear with what uniform, while others leave it to personal preference.

Thank you that answers my question :+1:

Sorry one more thing is there a difference between female and male boots?

No, no difference

Awesome thanks

Not true.

Womens feet in general are different to mens. They normally have a higher arch and a narrower heel. So a downsized male boot on a female foot will possibly be the wrong fit.

In cheaper boots, it doesnt matter, 90% of them are just smaller sizing.

In your higher end stuff, Meindl, Haix, Aku, Alt-berg, Lowas. There 100% is a difference!

Try boots on before you buy, Lowas dont fit me right, Altbergs do. Meindl i find are hit and miss.


Right ok, do you recommend trying them on in an army surplus store but then buying them cheaper online?

It’s purely about the fit/last of the boots: female boots tend to be marginally narrower at the heel and bridge of the foot, as well as having a small percentage less volume. The actual length of the boot is (usually) the same.

My advice would to go to the best army surplus store you can get to, try on half a dozen different boots/sizes and see what fits you - the Haix, Meindl, Lows and Aku boots fit me, while the Alt-berg boots of the same size cut off the blood supply to my feet.

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Oh ok that makes sense thank you everyone

Completely agree with this.

Also to add that if you are 12-13, dont blow your money on a £150+ pair of boots. Your feet will grow!

I used to wear £10 assault boots as a cadet, they sole normally gave way after a few months, but as i was young they normally needed replaced as regularly because they no longer fit!

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I am 13 years old but I am a size 7 and I have been for 2 years so I think my feet have stopped growing do you still suggest this?

Yes, you may still have another growth by the time you are 18

Mine were fairly steady at a size 10 for about 2/3yeats then age 14 went to size 12.

So Don’t spend too much on boots until you have definitely stopped growing

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Awesome thank you