Boot Problems


I recently got new boots for my DPMs at Christmas in size 7 but they are slightly too big and my heel keeps rubbing up the back of the boot. I tried insoles and they helped a bit but it’s still happening. A size 6 is too small though. Any advice?


Wear thicker socks?


Wearing about as thick as I can find. Tried 2 pairs and it still happens and I get really hot feet :frowning:


A size 6.5?


You can get small self-adhesive “heel grips” from shoe shops - try Clarks, also Super Drug & Fleabay.


There aren’t many boots in a size 6.5


Something like these?
Never mind, you edited :slight_smile:


Depends on where the “fit” problem is…


Not sure how old you are or whether male or female but… is there a chance your feet will grow into them? Not sure you can get boots in half sizes but if you can you will probably find you grow out of them in no time at all. Sorry not a great answer for you right now but long term it maybe better to wait for the feet to catch-up :-(.


Another thought, depending on where you’ve already worn these boots, is to take them back to where they were bought and exchange them for something that’s going to fit you better. You would need the receipt and possibly the person who bought them for you, but if they were a Christmas present the majority of shops run an exchange/return policy for gifts


That’s all well and good, until their feet grow.
We always bought footwear for our kids that had ‘growing room’, until they hit 15/16, by which time their feet had stopped growing or as quickly as they did when they were younger.


My mother did that with my clothes until I was about 18. The suit I went to university interview in* was still too big three years later.

*those were the days when you dressed up, not down, for university interview…