Blues trousers question?

Everytime I take my blues trousers out of the washing machine, they seem to come out fluffier every time, and I don’t understand why. The settings I use are cotton at 60 degrees. Should I be using another setting? And does anybody else have this problem? I already had to get a new pair of blues trousers due to my old ones being so fluffy it looked bad. Hope someone can help.

What does it say on the label?

I can’t make it out that’s the problem, The pair they gave me weren’t new so the labels fading, what would you normally wash them at?

I’d normally give mine to my laundry service but I think everything gets thrown into a 40º mixed wash :smile:

I don’t have a pair at hand so I can’t check just now.

Ah ok :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll set it to 40 next time :slight_smile:

i am pretty sure mine say dry clean only and as such only have done!

Latest issue No2 trousers have the following care instructions

Wash as wool
40 degrees
Low tumble dry
Warm Iron
Suitable for dry cleaning



That’s exactly why.
They’re wool blend.