Blue VR Wings

OK a little bit of click bait.

But is it out of the question that we see a set of blue vr wings on an air cadet uniform in the next few years?

Ags chap I spoke to mentored they could be entitled soon

What do we think?

What the ones that are worn by non RAF AEF pilots?


Never going to happen. They can’t be a cadet and take a VR commission.

Was he perhaps getting confused with the proposed new air cadets wings where a GS/FS would lead to similar to the above with RAFAC in the middle in silver and AGS/PPL would be gold?

What your friend might be getting confused about is the proposed changes to the Flying and Gliding badges which still need to go to the command board then the RAF Uniform/Badging committee etc etc… Which is still a while off.

I’ve seen the proposed designs… And personal (emphasis in personal) opinion and not knowing where the background conversations are at etc is that they look very similar to RAF Wings and the senior flyboys will probably take offence to 13 year old Jimmy walking around with them on their jumper

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Why would you need a commission to have a set of vr wings? You don’t need one for pilot or glider wings

Are you literally referring to virtual reality? Because there’s such a thing already as volunteer reserve (VR) wings which are civvy pilots commissioned into the RAF as pilots to aid with AEF and I believe some tanker sorties (may be wrong there saw something in the interwebs)

If it’s virtual reality you are talking about I believe there isn’t a wing as such but it’s going to be encouraged in the theory syllabus… Unless that change from the last insights I saw… I know the CCF are going big on virtual reality

The VR wings were introduced for members of the volunteer reserve (VR) who fly at AEFs but didn’t complete RAF Flight training so can’t wear RAF wings. Hence you need to be in the VR which is officers only (including UAS officer cadets)

Virtual Reality wings was what I was referring to, but every days a school day

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Don’t think we will see bespoke wings for VR but I know there’s a structured sim training program being created and a focus on VR is part of that

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There’s a better link somewhere, but I’m 99.9% sure that the Air Tanker reservist pilots get the “standard” RAF wings.

RPAS pilot wings used to be different with blue laurel leaves, but changed to the standard wings on 01 Apr 2019.


Stand corrected

Yeah I read some of the tanker pilots were civvy but didn’t know the ins and outs

I can see CFAV wanting that have gained PPLs or completed courses as a cadet wanting to wear suxh wings. Why recognise cadet aviation quals, but not staff’s?

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That’s a whole can of worms there.

Questions been asked in the past

Even if you have a ATPL with a gazillion hours you will not be getting any wings

In terms of virtual reality wings; isn’t that really what blue wings are; 1 AEF Flight and a ground school and a PTT course?

Couldn’t you just make an additional pathway; 1 AEF flight and a VR course.

Would make more sense.

What on earth is this?

It’s been asked again recently. The RAF aren’t keen.

A flight school I am involved with is planning to install a VR sim for the Extra 330 LX aircraft. The intention is to replicate the aircraft seat and flight controls, including dynamic control loading system.

The problems with VR headsets in the past were that the visual resolution was not really good enough and the field of view narrow.

I have two invitations to evaluate new generation VR headsets for this project. One for the Pimax 8KX and one for the Vrgineers Xtal. The Xtal is much more expensive than the Pimax so would need to be much better to justify its cost. It will be interesting to compare them.

Hopefully I can wangle a few hours on this machine for our sqn cadets.