Blue radio assessor

What is the criteria to be able to asses blue radio on squadron?

typically you need to be seen delivering the training (ie teaching a chapter) by your Wing Radio Officer and then offered an indication of what is expected in the practical exam.

In our Wing the easiest route is to get on the next blue course that is being run (either Wing or by a Squadron), turn up having prepped for your chapter with the WRCO present to watch.

i understand there is then a “sign off” although presume this is a private list for the WRCO use as I haven’t seen a “Wing register” of Blue Radio assessors

(for what it is worth the same process is true for the Bronze course too. Silver and Gold I understand requires some actual learning on a course to be approved/authorised to teach at these levels)

Thank you, the reason I ask is because our squadron have no cadets with radios and I am half way through my silver badge. So if I can deliver the course I would be allowing cadets the opportunity to progress

ahh right.

from a Cadets point of view…
I am not so sure. i think Bronze badge holders (or higher) can teach blue, they can certainly assist, but not assess students without WRCO approval first - ie it is not automatic that you can run your own course a as a Bronze badge holder, you need someone who the WRCO has spent time with for assessments

It is all in ACTO73

Also MOI might be useful, as I know on my sqn we can only teach with MOI somtimes.

Ask your staff to check ACTO 73 as the rules changed recently.
Or contact your WRO through your Sqn Trg Off. If you are able and willing to help your WRO will likely bite your hand off especially if you are able to help at Wg courses or visit other Sqns.
Either way a good tip is to get running Radio exes on your Sqn, even simple ones like Apache.

I have MOI. I don’t have access to ACTO73, would it be possible for someone on here to send it me?

Possible, but not necessarily permitted. Could you get it from your squadron?

my squadron isn’t very… tech savvy

Long story short is speak to your WRCO. Any staff or instructor cadet can teach blue. You need WRCO approval to assess anything.

No not permitted sorry. But I’ll see if I can extract the relevant bits later.

If you could, that would be amazing. Thank you

So for Bronze it says:

The person training or assessing cadets to this level must be accredited by the RRCO or his nominated delegate, which will normally be a WRCO.

Any member of RAFAC, Staff or Instructor Cadet, can teach 1st Class Basic Radio Communications if following the standardised training material.

  1. Any member of RAFAC, Staff or Cadet qualified to at least Radio Operator (Bronze badge) can assess a cadet for the Basic Radio Operator (Blue) award if accredited by a WRCO, if that authority has been delegated to them by the RRCO. An instructor/assessor must:

a. Be competent to Radio Operator (Bronze) level, in the opinion of the WRCO.

b. Assess a course at least once per year to maintain their accreditation.

c. Be observed teaching and assessing by the WRCO or nominee at least once every 3 years.

There is no fixed criteria for competence so you will need or speak to your WRCO.

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So what @WestlandScout posted a year ago?

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I believe so.

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