Blue leadership vs leading cadet?

Hello all, I’m just here to ask what’s the difference between blue leadership and leading cadet qualifications for RAFAC? I’ve been enrolled for some courses that are under leading cadet but need to do blue leadership, are these the same things? Does blue leadership involve actual course content? I’m pretty confused as to what my OC has signed us up for

Good Evening @Bigman,

Blue Leadership is a standalone practical award which forms part of the progressive training syllabus (blue-bronze-silver-gold) in this case covering the topic of leadership. You will cover basic theory and complete a number of assessed practicals using this theory.

Often you will need to complete the blue level award before progressing onto further levels.

Leading cadet is a theoretical classification award which is subject to completion of the 3 leading cadet theory syllabus topics.

  • Airmanship
  • Principals of Flight
  • Basic Nav

Eventually (maybe), this can be credited towards a BTEC in Aerospace Studies - pending a current review of the syllabus


Have you been told you need Blue Leadership to be considered for promotion? That would usually be a local policy but I can see that it could be useful. You’d probably be more confident, too.

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You are very right, but just adding. Blue Leadership is two assessments, where you need to get minimum 30 points and no ‘1’ points in a section in each. It was a long time ago now haha

Yes, the minimum for promotion is leading cadet and blue leadership, and promotions are pretty soon. Leading cadet i can do as I have the exams, however how could I get my sqn to assess me for blue leadership?