Blue Leadership Reporting

One for the staff - recently (or more so currently) doing a push of Blue Leadership on the squadron. We’ve got a couple cadets who have passed 2 exercises successfully.

Does anyone know where / who to report (or send) the paperwork too to confirm they’ve passed? Or is it more done on a trust-based process where the OC is ‘satisfied’ Cdt Bloggs has done all that is required for the badge, and we process accordingly? Was considering pinging an email to Wing Training Officer regardless, but there’s no real suggestion on SharePoint (that I could find) to the right way to do it.

Thanks for any feedback :slight_smile:

In my wing we just used to mark it up on SMS and send off for the badge.

Considering every Cadet should be doing blue leadership as part of or immediately after First Class there is no way it is workable for a WSO to go over all of the paperwork, unless they have a very empty life.

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The Blue Leadership award is assessed on squadron and that’s it. Personally I take scans of their assessment sheets and upload to their cadet record, then add the qual on the SMS Qualifications list.

Depending on how your wing does getting badges, you might need to follow some extra process, but essentially it’s done on OC’s say so.

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@daws1159 & @mprentice1 Thank you both, I’ll update OC & rest of the sqn to see where we all stand with it and go from there

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