Blue Comms Material

So I have to do a practice session at teaching blue comms, now I know the spec and everything but when I sat my blue course the powerpoint that was shown to us was very good. Sooooo, I was wondering if anyone has a copy of blue comms powerpoint, preferably the one from SharePoint if there is one.

Thank you.

I believe you want the material that is on Ultilearn: " LMS.COURSE.140 - FCC Basic Radio Comms 2019"
This is the latest variant of the course materials that I am aware of and has 2 main presentations: the First Class Cadet stuff that fits in with the logbook, and a combined “blue badge and 1st class” one.

Single-handedly one of the best things from 2019… seeing some of my work implemented on ultilearn for general consumption! Just makes delivery a little easier.

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