Blue ‘A’ flying badge placement

I have just achieved my blue aviation training package ‘A’ wings and am wondering if when refering to the badge placement guides, it is disregarded if you have not achieved gliding or ‘G’ wings. eg it says that the A wings are positioned at the top of the left jumper above the G wings, however if you do not have these G wings do the A wings stay in the upper or move to the lower position? Thanks, Cdt Callum

When only one badge is worn, be it either the ‘A’ wings or ‘B’ wings, it is worn in the lowest position on the jumper. This is 10mm from the bottom of the left jumper patch.

When both gliding and flying wings are awarded, then the glider wings are positioned in the bottom placement, with the flying wings placed 10mm above the glider wings.

Thank you.

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