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You can give blood if you are healthy, over 7 1/2 stone (ish) and 17 years old or older

As an organisation that has people who fit this profile , why dont we encourage it?

(…in their own time to save ACO H&S issues)

Its more useful than being able to shoot holes in a piece of paper and the like :wink:

We could give them a badge for giving 3 donations :slight_smile:

I’ve already donated and planning on donating again next month. It’s a good idea, but if you have a cadet who is scared of needles. There is no chance of them doing it… The needle is that big you can see its lumen :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done that man !

I’d like to see the ACO officialy recognising donations myself!

My next donation is my 50th . I get a gold badge !

Well I guess you could promote it at Wing level, possibly giving points to Squadrons who give the most donations (annual report?). I personally think the age limit should be put down to 16, your body doesn’t change that much in one year. I know they do it on blood volume, but I’ve hardly grown :wink:

50 Donations, that’s amazing :smiley:

Much as the idea is admirable, it’s not really the ACO’s job to promote such activities.

Educational establishments however, where you will have defined groups of people who fit the profile (classes/yeargroups) would be a better focus.

I agree. As applaudable as it is, it’s not really anything to do with the ACO and should be best left to an individual to decide, and that’s before we get into religious and cultural issues about it!

Yet we are supposed to promote entering the RAFA Wings lotto to eligible cadets despite that being gambling.

My previous unit used to do a minibus trip to the local blood donor centre once a year with the eligible cadets, I was pooping myself but got over it and donated. Very very rewarding. Not saying it should become part of the set down programme but something to consider like any other charity work a Squadron does.

As for those disagreeing due to religion, cultural differences etc, well they can say no like anyone can to any activity. I think we use that a bit too often as a reason not to do something.

Spot on! …and the staff might be a little squeemish :sick:

All I am suggesting is that IF a 17+ cadet gives blood then why not give him or her some kind of recognition? It not as if I am suggesting we take them by the bus load against their will.

We play at being military - why the negativity and/or apathy over something that actually HELPS the real military coming back from Afghan in dire need of transfusions?

It would be intersting to see how many of you are Doners… or wusses (People with a genuine reason for not donating are natually excluded from being wusses!)

Thats a tad righteous dont you think?

Perhaps some people don’t give blood because they simply don’t want to. Yes we all know the arguments etc, but labelling everyone who choses not to as a wuss is a little childish.

As for its place in the ACO… perhapps I think we have enough on our plates as it is without adding another crusade to our time sheets. Although I’d have no problem with donation literature/posters etc being on my unit.

It would certainly be one way for people to be able to fill in the “Blood Group” field in the 3822.

Im sorry but I see the whole giving recognition to someone for giving blood within the ACO wrong it would cause all sorts of issues… I am already not a fan of people that try to push it on others I couldn’t care if someone gives blood or not its up to them and before anyone has a go yes I have given blood I just dont feel the need to let people know what I do or dont do

[quote=“wdimagineer2b” post=15870]It would certainly be one way for people to be able to fill in the “Blood Group” field in the 3822.

:lol: :lol:

…and its called ‘banter’ Perry - a bit of light hearted teasing.

We not forcing them…If they choose to, and want to well us then why not recognise their act?

or medical…some of us may have cooties in our blood making it unsuitable for donation
[/dons CRBN suit]

We not forcing them…If they choose to, and want to well us then why not recognise their act?[/quote]

Because its not fair on those that dont want to do it. It has no place in the ACO if cadets want to give blood good for them but they dont do it as cadets so why give them another badge?? Keep this up and they will just be Air Scouts

Using your logic its not fair that cadets with poor eyesight can’t get a marksman badge.
I think it deserves rocognition…

…Is there a cure for cooties in the blood? :wink:

I think the point beign made is that this isn’t as an organisation one of our key aims. Nothing wrong with publicising blood donation, but expending time, effort and pressurising cadets to give blood is perhaps a little inappropriate.

As for badges - we have enough of those please - echo comments re Air Scouts.

As for curing cooties in the blood, depends on the type of cooties. Some yes, some no.

[quote=“ddr61” post=15903]

…Is there a cure for cooties in the blood? ;)[/quote]

not for the ones i have :frowning:

Why don’t we geive cadets that donate a badge? Because the Blood Donation service does that…

If you want to go down that route, can I have a badge because I they don’t want my blood? :wink: