Best Wing Social Media

I’ve ‘volunteered’ to look at our wing’s social media in to something better than it is now and using the festive stand down to do a bit of research. I’ve had a look at a few other wing’s (in C&E), but are there any that others think are real exemplars of good Facebook and Insta Wing accounts out there?

Sea cadets growth & development Facebook page. I’m more aware of what’s going on in their organisation than my own.

Use tweetdeck for Twitter - a lot of the police accounts can be good examples on what & how to post.

Unfortunately social media in the air cadets is self taught so if you can find someone who does it as a day job they will be able to give you pointers.

Only air cadet wing that kinda stand out our beds & Cambs and Warks & Brum wings but that might be due to who I follow.

Hope this helps.

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