Best type of boots

I’m looking for new boots, my price range being around £100, I’ve asked the NCO’s at my sqn but they all disagree on what is the best to buy, I just need some help trying to find the right boot, I’m looking to find a brown boot that I can use on field craft & on parade nights with my MTP, thanks for anybody who helps :slight_smile:

The first answer is 'the ones that fit best '.

The really good quality brands are Haix, Hanwag, Meindl, Lowa, Alt-berg etc… my feet get on with Haix, Meindl and Lowa, but although Alt-berg are fantastic boots they just don’t fit me, so they may as well be made of tissue paper…

Personally I prefer a boot that doesn’t have a gore-tex lining, I find them too warm for running about and long mountain days, and the brands I’ve mentioned use leather and designs that are of sufficient quality that if you look after them they’ll be as waterproof as something with a membrane lining just much less sweaty, and much easier and quicker to dry out if they get wet inside - river crossings etc…

That said, I’ve got a pair of the Haix cold wet weather boot that has both a gore-tex and a thinsulate lining and they are hugely comfortable to do long walks in in autumn, winter and spring - and endless days hanging around ranges and training areas…

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Ok thanks for the info :slight_smile: I have around a week to make my final decision, so thanks!

Alt-berg is the combat slipper of choice these days. I’ve got Lowas for field and a pair of YDS Kestrels for mincing about camp. Bates and YDS Kestrels are good and reasonably priced for cadets, but a bit more robust than the ubiquitous Magnum.

I couldn’t stand my altbergs. Find them like the AKU, the sole is thinner than the width of the foot. Felt like I was in high heels and was going to break an ankle.

Swear by Lowa Patrols (non goretex) or Hanwags.

My Lowas are Patrol, non goretex too. Not as good as the desert elites, which are now available in MOD brown

Lowa mountain are my personal favourite - I wore them in Afghanistan and the FI, both winter tours that involved a lot of walking, and they were wonderfully comfy and astonishingly robust.

I don’t know how fussy other units are about boots, but lots of our cadets are wearing civvy boots like Meindls - fleabay always has decent examples for the £40 to £50 mark. Personally I’d far rather a cadet wore decent second hand civvy boots like that than some crap from Magnum or whatever…

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a case of horses for courses it would seem

as a Cadet i had some standard issued Grade1 boots which did the job, upon turning Staff i have had Magnums and haven’t looked back.

I am not a fieldcraft fan, so admit i have not used them in that environment.

i am a SAAI so often using them in the classroom and on the range. i also wear them for two weeks at RIAT.
i have no complaints. comfortable, good wear, easy to maintain (polish) and affordable.

for what i need i cannot see the justification to spend more for what i can only tell is a brand name given my Magnums in my application do everything i could ask for

(i will accept those who use boots for fieldcraft, Road Marching or other “hard wearing” scenarios would have a case for a more robust boot but not needing it i don’t bother buying a Ferrari to drive to the corner shop)