Best Start Here!

So I’m a Looooong time lurker :popcorn: on both the old and new site but thought I would say hi and stop the lurking once and for all!

Currently a Sgt (ATC) and have been for a while, was a CI for 3 years prior. Before that there was a 5 year gap (insert uni and getting into the real world of work here) and then we get to my time as a Cadet!

Well here goes with the Non-Lurkage! :woohoo:

Out of interest, what made you take the leap into the firefight?

Only a few reasons; mainly that I can get involved and tap into the vast amount of knowledge on here, as well as try and help out with questions where I can!

(Not to mention it’s also something to read when a Night shift is quiet! All 12 hours of it!)

Hello! And welcome!

Welcome indeed!


Hi everyone! :popcorn: