Best ration pack?

HI All!

I am going on another greens Fieldcraft weekend again soon and i was just wondering, as it is definitely the most important choice you have to make and i always forget whats good, What is the best ration pack number and whats in it?

Cheers in advance =)

p.s big up its my first post

Also i’m posting this in the fieldcraft section and cadets section

The best one is the one you’ve been given. :wink:

Depends what menu choices you have based on what was ordered.

I always like the ones that don’t have beans in for brekkie, everything else is fine.

Best thing to do is keep the big box from the 24 hour rat packs and throw it in the middle of the cooking area, anything people don’t want goes in there and others can take from it as they want.

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this question is as easy to answer as which is the best aircraft…

it is all preference. Some as Bob don’t like beans, others will avoid mushrooms, some won’t care what is in it as long as the pudding is sticky toffee…!

it is all personal preference and the best advice is above - take a look at the menu choices on the big box and pick from there

99 tines out of 100 you aren’t going to get a choice, your going to get what your given.

Although you can always swap…

Last time I was using rat packs I managed to swap some meals I hated for all my favourite ones :ok_hand:

I think the question was, what ration pack menu do you like the best?

I always went for the one I hated the least…

The one you never have to eat??

My favourite is the 10 man packs.

Cheese, possessed and bacon grill were my historical favourites.

During Op Telic in 2003, I received what was then Ration Pack Menu B every day for 3 months. I now have a deep hatred for Lancashire Hotpot!

When the new rations were introduced a few years ago before I left the Army, steak with fennel became a firm favourite, although I cant remember the exact number. Most rations are pretty good now, and cadets seem to love them when out on Fieldcraft etc.

Personally ill buy my own and eat something I like.

Ive always been a fussy eater so i normally buy a couple of meals and substitute them with what im given, the cadets are never the wiser for it :wink: