Best online or free flight sim

OK, given I may have to get my (CCF RAF boarding school) cadets to train away from school at some point, what is the best online, or at least free to download and run, flight simulator?

Defining best as:
a. Realistic flight model
b. Can be flown visually not with instrument fixation
c. Can be flown with ‘mouse as yoke’ although a cheap joystick would be better.

I’ve not used Google Earth FS for a bit; GeoFS seems very laggy and poor at first try.

The best free flightsim is probably FlightGear.
However XPlane offers a free version that limits flights to 15 min iirc.

I’m trying to encourage my wing to set up a online server that cadets can connect to for multiplayer flight.

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For XPlane? The 15 mins would do me, certainly, but presumably I’d need to host a server as well?

(and several of my cadets no doubt have XPlane already)

Yep, you’d need to host a server.
I’m going to be looking at FSHost from Chocolate Software. I’m sure there are others

Xplane on tablets is free IIRC. Saab also has a nice Gripen Sim for iOS, ok it’s not a PTT but it’s a bit of fun!

There is DCS: It’s the only flying sim I use that’s free
Next would be Fsx: £19.99, followed by Prepar3D Academic License: $59.99

I second DCS.

My old unit still uses the Hawk. Easy to learn and deliver some wpns.

Looks like FShost might be abandonware, there is joinFS.

I wonder if ACC can do anything… hmmmmm

Ahh yes, I’ve looked at joinFS too.

Need to seriously look at setting it up.

I found FSCloud too, they all look similar but aren’t designed for server use. They run alongside the sim on the client desktop. There doesn’t seem to be a ‘server’ based solution.

If anyone is interested in DCS, they are having a stay at home sale currently, and you can try some of the modules on set days.

Today you can trial the F16C.

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Because flight sim nuts aren’t proper techies :joy:

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