Best Cadet Competition

We are looking to have a best cadet competition (in honour of our dearly departed Civ Com Chairman).

So far our ideas are:
5 min talk/presentation on any subject.
Leadership task.
Uniform inspection.
Written ATC/RAF test.
Points also awarded for being a team player during the day.

Looking to run it for about 10 cadets on a single day.

If anyone has done something similar would love to hear from you and if possible pinch some good ideas.

Just out of interest is this to choose the “best cadet of the year award” that is standard amongst a lot of squadrons at awards nights or just as a different activity?

What about adding in a “Cadet’s Cadet”…?

Cadet’s nominate the cadet on squadron they admire most - and the reason…

Then read out all the nominations and reasons (just with-hold the name of the nominee).

You don’t need prizes for everyone - but everyone that’s nominated gets to hear why they’re appreciated by others…


Thanks for the replies.

We have a cadets cadet and cadet of the year etc.

This is purely about holding a specific competition.

Our chairman passed away and his employer has created a trophy for their company in his honour.

We want to replicate it at the squadron as they are making an annual donation and we want it to mean something.

So any ideas would be wonderful.

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Was there a particular skill or aspect that your chair was most interested in or had a link to from their past?

e.g. for an ex DI it would be a drill and uniform comp, gunner would be fieldcraft, pilot a flight sim test, massive fundraiser or community volunteer would be a most volunteering or funds raised competition, an engineer might be a STEM comp, if they were a photographer as their career then an ATC/RAF themed photo competition.

Would be a way to inject greater meaning into putting their name on the trophy.