What Happens if you forget your Beret just asking for a friend!!

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Look like a muppet and learn not to do it again


Basically what he said ^

We would lend you one of the grotty spares from stores for the night, but you’d leave your mobile as a deposit.


At our CCF we have a lovely sergeant major who’d greet you with his pace stick

Your sergeant major needs to remember they are kids …


It’s just a shout and a jokey threat, nothing like a shouting at to get the recruits to love the CCF

I’ve seen too many old school SSIs not understand where joking ends and bullying starts

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In this case I can absolutely say that it is not taken too far. I would trust this sergeant major with my life.

It’s all about the look in the eye while he does it. A small minority genuinely hate cadets: they are in the wrong job. The rest are acting the part and the cadets love it, if it’s deserved.

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It happens and it’s not a hanging offence but try not to forget it again!!


Inform whoever is your dress and discip, but what is key is how you present the information. Be sincere and don’t be arrogant, something like:

“Sir/Ma’am/[Whichever rank] I apologise but I have forgotten my beret today. I promise to remember next time. May I borrow one today so I can keep my uniform in order?”

Yes that’s a little OTT with how formal it is, adapt as you see fit - it depends on the staff member and how strict they are. Don’t try and make excuses unless they ask for a reason. And if it is that you just forgot say “I was an idiot and forgot as I rushed out of home today”.

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