Beret stolen

I recently went to a training weekend for road marching and I got up the first morning and couldn’t find my beret. I remember leaving it to the side of my bed but I thought maybe I was wrong and assumed I forgot it which it would happen eventually but when I got home I had a good 3 hour search for it and couldn’t find it anywhere. I then remember going for a shave before everyone else and being in a room of 8 including me, I think someone has swiped it and taken it. I said to the team leaders I dont have my beret which they made everybody know (in a jokey way) so i’d assume there would be a out of place beret at the end of the weekend but nope. I’m home now with no proof of it being stolen and I’m dead sure I wouldn’t of lost it. I’m unsure to speak to CO about this because he probably wont be happy with me. I know the person in charge of stores will give me a new beret but I dont want to hide it from my CO in case he finds out which means even more trouble and I dont want to straight out say its been stolen because I have no proof. If anyone can give me advice of what to be then please

To be honest mate, whether someone took it by accident or on purpose don’t worry about it. Everyone has lost their beret at one point. I once put it on the roof of the car when i was getting in and forgot about it. dorve up and down the road but no luck and my sqn staff just gave me a new one. They know everyone looses it at one poijnt or another.

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As above.
Staff will give you a bit of grief, but you’ll get one if there are any in the stores. Just don’t take the comments to heart.

Take it as a life lesson and secure your gear better next time.

You may have to take a little bit of ridicule but trust me on this one… you will never have another piece of kit go missing again.



But in answer to the origin question.
Just report your beret as missing on your next parade evening. If asked, explain the circumstances. No one will shout at you. You might get a simple lecture about looking after kit.

Top tip.
Beret on head or beret in pocket.

Surely we should treat the cause not the symptoms?

what’s the cause?

The OP says himself he has no evidence it was taken, only its gone…

If you can say Cadet04 stole my beret and prove it we would deal accordingly but it’s disappeared without proof all you can do is

a) ask everyone if they have seen it
b) look for an RAF blue coloured beret with a ATC badge

as for option b, that will be interesting at an ATC event!

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The fact there’s 7 people in a room and no one’s seen a beret been stolen? Surely someone should’ve said something.

absolutely… IF they saw something!
we can only guess what happened and can only go on Information, received…
long gong are the days of thumb screws and beatings to get to the truth

I think the problem is the OP thinks they are going to get a roasting, when the reality is “stupid boy look after your kit banter, banter, here’s another one”, no worse I imagine than losing an exercise book in school.

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Thank you for the reply’s. I went in tonight and I was told to take better care of my kit more at all times. I was given a new beret thankfully. As someone said I will take this as a life lesson to keep my kit safe next time.

If you press the little tick on the person who helped you’s post it will close the topic automatically. Glad you’ve sorted the problem.

Good to hear.
A wee tip get something sewn onto the liner to tell it’s yours. Even a simple Few cross stitches in white thread and remember the lining fabric not the outer fabric :+1:

Maybe nobody saw it get stolen…

Equally - and this not any sort of accusation towards the original poster but to give a staff perspective - in the last 20+ years as staff (and Cadet NCO before that) if I had a pound for every time a cadet reported to me that their such-and-such “must have been stolen” only to discover later that they’d merely lost it, I’d have lots of pounds.


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